Procurement Management Stress

There’s a lot of pressure on procurement officers: cut costs, supplier quality, amount of people power, process compliance and contract management. More and more the paper piles and inability to accurately review and assess bids is hampering the success of many, many local government agencies. To meet this challenge specialty software providers are solving this challenge for government with inexpensive, usefull and proven solutions.

some articles of note:

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Peter G. Tuttle

Steve is right that “…specialty software providers are solving this challenge for government.” There are a number of commercial software providers who currently compete successfully to provide electronic acquisition and procurement management solutions in the federal market space. All are adept at satisfying federal requirements and all deserve fair opportunity for competing to satisfy agency requirements. By the way, small business is also included in this line up. Good luck with any market research efforts and feel free to engage. Cheers.

Steve Zaro

Thanks for your comment, Peter. And because the latency of large agencies you are right, smaller, more nimble county agencies and utilities are breaking ground on the advantages of these services and setting the example for their using in increasing efficiency, lowering expenses and gathering the best supplier pool, pricing and contract composition.