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A Good Lesson on How NOT to Treat Buyers

A very detailed and relevant piece by the Spend Matters folks: Ariba StartSourcing and StartContracts, two new configurations of popular Ariba products and the illusion of their introductory pricing. And for the procurement market no less…

The Alternative Bid – Dillemma or not?

An interesting article from a construction industry magazine is quoted below. It’s a tricky subject for govenment agencies. As a consultant who provides software solutions to manage these types of public bid issues, i’m interested in your experience and opinion with this issue. Thanks. ———————-article—————————- Alternative Bidding: Wise Budget Management or Manipulation? Alternative bidding isRead… Read more »

Procurement Management Stress

There’s a lot of pressure on procurement officers: cut costs, supplier quality, amount of people power, process compliance and contract management. More and more the paper piles and inability to accurately review and assess bids is hampering the success of many, many local government agencies. To meet this challenge specialty software providers are solving thisRead… Read more »