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Public financing, Twitter town hall lobbying, a fundraiser abroad, and more political law links

PUBLIC FUNDING STORY. Roll Call. “Obama’s success has set the stage for a 2012 campaign in which serious contenders must raise hundreds of millions of dollars more than public financing provides, meaning the fund will only benefit dark-horse candidates who have little money and little chance of winning a general election.”

NEW REPORT ON PUBLIC FINANCING. From the Campaign Finance Institute.

HOW TO READ CAMPAIGN FINANCE NUMBERS. Mike Murphy discusses this topic here. “Here’s what a savvy politico should look for in the modern FEC report[.]”

TWITTER TOWN HALL. Did you catch it? Roll Call has a report here. You can watch the video here. Politico has a report here.

CHAMBER AND THE TOWN HALL. The Chamber of Commerce engaged Twitter users during the town hall. Report here. “Coordinating with Twitter’s new advertising capabilities, the Chamber paid to have its profile featured on the site during the town hall, spending what it called a ‘significant’ amount on the event.” More about the effort at The Chamber Post. “Social media is changing the world around us, and today you’ll see that the world’s largest business federation hasn’t missed a byte. We’ll be calling on millions of grassroots activists, a coalition of business organizations, legislators, and Twitter users to force the White House to address the unprecedented increase in regulations that continues to inhibit job creation in an already fragile economy.”


ALABAMA BAN ON PAC TO PAC TRANSFERS CHALLENGED. More here. (I also convey my belated congratulations on Votelaw’s 9th blogiversary and sincere thanks for all of the hard work that goes into the site.)

WALKER DRAWS COMPLAINT. Story here. “Ten donors to Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and the campaign itself may have exceeded state limits on political contributions, according to a statement issued by an advocacy group Wednesday.”


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