Quicklook Report: The FedCyber.com Government-Industry Cybersecurity Summit of 28 Sep 2011

The FedCyber.com Government-Industry Cybersecurity Summit was a meeting of cybersecurity practitioners looking for new approaches, new ideas, and new strategies for enhancing cybersecurity in and around government. The 28 September 2011 gathering at the Newseum saw over 200 people interacting together and with a set of world-class thought leaders from in and out of government.

Summaries of the event are being prepared and will eventually be posted at http://fedcyber.com More detailed reports are also being prepared for attendees so we can continue to interact on conclusions. We will also be using the results of the conference to fuel our reporting here at CTOvision.com So please stay tuned for more.

We are also reducing results of our post-event surveys and will be providing summaries of conclusions of those surveys to attendees and speakers.

Many highly regarded cyber practitioners spoke and/or attended. Speakers included the Honorable James Miller, Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and Ms. Dawn Meyerriecks, Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Acquisition, Technology & Facilities, Sean Finnegan and John Asante from Microsoft, and Nitin Pradhan, CIO of Department of Transportation. Other speakers included:

  • Bob Bigman (CIA CISO)
  • Sherri Ramsay (NSA/NTOC)
  • Steven Chabinsky (FBI)
  • Richard Marshall (DHS)
  • Bobby Stempfley (DHS)
  • Michele Iversen (Department of Education)
  • John Topp (Splunk)
  • Bob Gourley
  • Matt Devost
  • Rich Pethia (CMU CERT)
  • Wayne Wheeles (Novii Design)
  • Bob Butler (former OSD Cyber lead)
  • Bill Crowell (Former Deputy Director of NSA)
  • Marc Sachs (Cyber practitioner, former Director for Communication Infrastructure Protection in the White House Office of Cyberspace Security)
  • Rick Forno (Cyber practitioner and professor)
  • Dawn Meyerriecks, ODNI
  • Scott Culp, Microsoft
  • Nitin Pradhan, DoT
  • Bob Flores, Applicology
  • The Honorable Dr. James Miller, DUSDP
  • Tom Parker, FusionX
This event was made possible because of the sponsorship of some great community-minded firms, including: Microsoft, Utica College, FulcrumIT, Mu Dynamics, Invincea, and Splunk. Thanks to all for the sponsorship!

More on all the above later!

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