Recruitment 411: Marketing is Alive and Well on Facebook

A co-worker recently sent me a Fortune magazine article, Facebook: Where marketing efforts go to die? Knowing Facebook is an essential element of our recruitment marketing, I was immediately curious.

As I started reading, I realized the article was talking more about product marketing than marketing a brand like we do at the IRS. With that in mind, the article makes a good point; Facebook may not be the place for a successful product marketing campaign. I’ve had a Facebook account for years. In all honesty, I’ve hardly read the ads I’ve seen, much less purchased a product because of them.

However, I think companies that see Facebook as a marketing disappointment have one thing in common, and that’s not doing their homework before jumping on the Facebook bandwagon.

My co-worker said it best; social media is not about market penetration… it’s about customer engagement!

At the IRS, we use our Facebook page to encourage questions from applicants, and as a site where our recruiters and employees can interact with job seekers. What better way to showcase our culture, and help provide an inside view of what it could be like to work for us.

What do you think – Facebook marketing success or failure?

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Andrew Krzmarzick

I’ve seen in multiple situations how targeted Facebook ads can have a stunning impact on a marketing campaign. Using the ability to pinpoint key demographics, FB marketing (beyond a page) can drive traffic…and with a great landing page, convince people to complete clear calls to action.

Julie – have you used ads for marketing vacancies?

Chris IRS Recruiter


The recruitment office has not used Facebook ads to advertise positions. We always look for more cost-effective ways to reach our audience, and for now discussing our job openings on our page seems to be working for us.

Michael Lokrantz

I am wondering if there are any limitations or restrictions about “mentioning your positions” on Facbook. Is it more of an informational post and where to apply for these positions. It sounds like a great idea. Any reduction is vacancies or the number of days positions are open, noticeably?

Brian caldwell

I like the idea the IRS using recruiters in the pilot program on Facebook, hopefully it will be a good program and other recruiters will follow. Eric Erickson does an oustanding job on the page, even though he has to answer the same questions all the time. There is no need to advertise jobs on facebook, there are plenty of links within the page to direct someone ( http://www.usajobs.gov). I don’t pay any attention to all those ads in the corner.