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Recruitment 411: The IRS Careers Website Goes Mobile

All the information you could ever want about an IRS career is now at your fingertips. This week we launched the long-awaited mobile version of the careers website.

If you’re curious about just what kinds of opportunities are available at the IRS, tap the careers tab. For a first-hand account of some of our most popular positions, peruse the employee profiles page. You can even apply for a job through the site.

Next time you’re on the move and contemplating a career change, check out the IRS Careers website. The IRS Careers site is now mobile to meet the needs of the mobile masses.

Recruitment 411 is the official blog of the IRS Recruitment Office.

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Corey McCarren

Very cool, I personally love utilizing mobile while looking for jobs. The ability to get things done on the metro, in a car, ect, and then have time for other things is always an improvement of services.