Role of SoA in Government Tax operations = Real revenue for states

Service Oriented Architecture is often touted as a mechanism to improve business performance, but is often limited in its effect to improvements in IT architecture. However, the DC Office of Tax and Revenue is showing how SoA, and specifically leveraging the Enterprise Service Bus architecture can lead to real revenue growth for state and local jurisdictions.

Leveraging SoA and ESB, the DC OTR is delivering common services, improving tax compliance operations, and even identifying potential collections and revenue opportunities. Moreover, with a roadmap of improvements and new opportunities in the pipeline, the DC OTR SoA/ESB story is only set to grow. Follow our developments to learn more about what SoA can do for you too.
I am sharing a slideshare (and PDF) presentation from the 2010 FTA conference in Atlanta outlining how DC OTR has leveraged SOA and ESB to achieve these business objectives. Will be happy to share details with those interested
SlideShare Presentation:

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