Scores on the Doors

We’d like to thank everyone that put forward an idea and everyone that provided valuable feedback on the ideas. We were overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of the ideas and it was a very difficult task for the Judges to come up with the winners of the best ideas for how people could improve their neighbourhoods. As a local authority, which ideas do you think could work in your community?

Visualisation of Scores of Challenge #1

Bubble Chart of Ideas on Help People Help Each Other

The Judges were representatives of the Sponsors of the Competition and we’d like to thank them too for their time in going through and scoring each idea. In the end, you have to pick a winner and so we’d like to announce that Sunshine Bank won the prize for best idea that can help people each other in their neighbourhood and 999 won the prize for best idea that can make it easier for you to report issues to your council. We’ll blog tomorrow their reactions, but didn’t want to keep people waiting!

Above and below you can see visualisations of the results and see how your idea did (click on the images to activate the visualisations and the underlying datasets themselves). As you can see, the scoring was very tight, so many of these ideas have amazing potential to be developed into prototypes at our event. We’re now into the next stage of the event and you can see our competition page has been updated to reflect the new criteria.

Visualisation of Scores of Challenge #2

Pie Chart of Ideas on Make it Easier to Report Issues

If you’ve put forward an idea and want to design and develop a prototype (or already have) on it, then you could still have a chance to win the prize for best prototype on either the “open data” option or the “open 311” option challenges. If you haven’t put forward an idea, you can participate in this phase of the competition too if you want to design and develop a prototype…And if you’ve put forward an idea and don’t have time or the expertise to put forward a prototype, do read the guidance on the competition page on how you can attract designers and developers to do it for you!

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