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Share Your Story – Introducing a Website To Post Your Stories and Share Your Experiences

Please visit http://govstories.tumblr.com to post your story and share your knowledge with fellow public servants!

I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again but the baby boomers are retiring and several problems are going to be created because of that. One of the biggest problems we face in government is the loss of knowledge caused by this. A career filled with experience, knowledge, insights and stories is being lost and not being shared with other public servants. We are not leaving any tangible tidbits for future generations who in the worse case scenario will be repeating the same processes or going through the same experiences that we have already been through. While some of us might be lucky enough to have the writing skill to put together a book and even luckier to publish, 99% of us will never end up sharing valuable and insightful experiences and stories.

Why not share these stories, these experiences, this knowledge and these insights with your fellow public servants and store it digitally for future public servants? Would it be so bad to post a funny story or maybe something you learned or something you found useful?

This is why I created Govstories, a Tumblr blog, that through user submissions will capture and forever record those insights, experiences, knowledge tidbits and stories that otherwise would go untold. This project will not only provide you a platform to get your story out there, it will also ensure that other public servants and future public servants can benefit from lessons you can only learn through a distinguished career of public service.

Please visit http://govstories.tumblr.com and post your story today!

Scott McNaughton, http://thenewbureaucracy.ca and http://govstories.tumblr.com

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