Shattering the Glass Ceiling


Point: Talented employees that experience glass ceiling syndrome are comparable to a new plant. In order for that plant to flourish, it must be re-potted in a bigger vase with ample room to grow. The glass ceiling is not the same for everyone; for some it’s not being considered for a promotion, for others it’s not receiving more responsibility and challenges in their current position. And for some others, the glass ceiling is the inability to see a clear path for career development.

Advice: You are the person ultimately responsible for your career success. Others can add value by providing you with the feedback, tools, and resources you need to breakthrough. If you are experiencing the glass ceiling syndrome, empower yourself to shatter the glass that is stunting your grow.

Take the project management approach and map your five-year career development plan. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is your glass ceiling situation?
  • What is your future outlook?
  • How big is the gap between your current reality and your future outlook?
  • What obstacles are in your way?
  • What people, tools, and resources do you need to shatter the glass?
  • How can you bridge the gap between your current attainment and your future success?

Challenge: Over the next week schedule an information interview with the leaders of your organization to discuss your 3 to 5-year career plan. Most federal agencies have a formal individual development plan (IDP) process to help you advance your career. Ask questions about what steps you should take to make your future a reality.

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