Shortening cookies: Using OpenID to improve government privacy online (response to OMB request)

I think this blog, although it focuses on technical solutions, would interest GovLoop readers because of its relationship to public participation. Here is the intro.

For almost a decade, thanks to privacy laws, U.S. government web sites
have been prohibited from using cookies to maintain information on
visitors between sessions. (Session cookies are allowed because of
their short duration.) Because so many useful features are enabled by
cookies, the Office of Management and Budget released a request for
proposals this week seeking new perspectives on the cookie policy and
ways to enable the features that will make public participation in
government more appealing.

I took the opportunity to re-examine the federal approach to privacy,
and submitted the proposal that follows in this blog.

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Good response. I encourage others to respond as well to the cookie policy. This has been an issue for awhile and it’s great OMB is looking for help in developing guidance.