How engaged is your department online? And how does it affect your success?

Republished from eGov AU.

Charlene Li, one of the writers of Groundswell and ex-Forrester analyst, has launched a new initiative which compares the financial success of organisations with their level of online engagement and allows organisations to compare how engaged they are online.

Named Engagementdb, the site provides graphs and case studies on how various organisations have engaged the online world and allow organisations to rank themselves based on a simple 5 minute survey.

There is also a fantastic report which provides compelling evidence of the link between online engagement and commercial success. Named The world’s most valuable brands (PDF) and while tilted towards the commercial world, it provides valuable insights into the value online engagement generates in terms of brand visibility, engagement, customer satisfaction and advocacy.

The report provides insights into the different approaches being taken online, looking at the depth of engagement – from wallflower who are just dipping their toes in (such as McDonalds and BP), through to Mavens who have fully integrated online engagement into their strategy (Starbucks and Dell).

The report also provides evidence that if you increase your online engagement you increase your offline success, it’s a thought-provoking read.

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