Social Media Emergency Messages. From Social Media to Social Resilience

I would like to share the results of the Crisis Camp Italy that took place on 17th of march 2012 a in Bologna. The aim of the meeting was to focus the discussion of the participants on SMEM and its use within the framework of the national civil protection. Some ideas and best practices have been presented during the meeting, and on the afternoon three working groups discussed on the use of twitter and the hashtagging for three types of risk.
The discussion kept going on the google group and a proposal came out from the collaborative exchange between the participants. There are still many issues to be solved, such as validation, institutions commitment and involvement, moniotring and analysis, but I think this proposal could be a first step towards resilient information so to improve the “listening” and the spreading of emergency information.
Here below the link to a short video that illustrates the proposal idea of communication model for social geo data mining for operative purpose in Disaster Information to help preparedness, response and post-analysis phases.


the full document link in italian.

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