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OSHA’s First “HazCom 2012” Deadline is Dec. 1, 2013. Are You Ready for GHS?

OSHA revised its Hazard Communication Standard last year to align with the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System (or GHS for short). The changes went into effect in May of 2012 and are the biggest to the HazCom standard since 1994. The first compliance deadline for employers in the U.S. is Dec. 1, 2013. OSHA estimatesRead… Read more »

Social Media Emergency Messages. From Social Media to Social Resilience

I would like to share the results of the Crisis Camp Italy that took place on 17th of march 2012 a in Bologna. The aim of the meeting was to focus the discussion of the participants on SMEM and its use within the framework of the national civil protection. Some ideas and best practices haveRead… Read more »

Mitigation = Successful Preparedness, Resiliency and Recovery

Mitigation = Successful Preparedness, Resiliency and Recovery Disasters have a very significant impact on our Nation and the world. This topic will focus primarily on one specific type of disaster and hazard within the United States, but it does not diminish the impact of this type disaster or other hazards on a global scale andRead… Read more »