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Social media marketing author, speaker, columnist Dave Evans coming to town Monday, March 9 @ Rockville, MD (6-8pm)

GovLoopers … please join us in giving this social media marketer from Texas a warm Washington DC welcome!

You are invited to free social media marketing event @ Rockville, MD
For those interested in social media marketing mindset, approaches, tips and strategies, ClickZ.com’s (www.clickz.com) own social media marketing columnist and author of Social Media Marketing: One Hour a Day Dave Evans is coming to the Washington DC metro area to speak at SOCIAL MEDIA STARDOM free event at Johns Hopkins University Montgomery Campus.

Even if you can’t make it, you can still participate via Twitter @socStardom
Obviously some GovLoopers are not able to make it due to scheduling or commuting challenges. Still others can’t make it because they are not near us geographically. However, if the subject and the event is of interest to you, you can still participate. Please follow http://www.twitter.com/socStardom and you’ll be able to enjoy live tweets taking place during the event. You can even send in questions for us to ask the speaker and basically be a virtual member of the audience 🙂 A handful of the followers are internationally based … one as far as the Netherlands! They want to know more about this subject and have followed to be part of the event from the comfort of their own location. So can you!

Here are some helpful links to get you orientated should you want to learn more about this fun, unique and special event:

#socStardom2 event background and information

original #socStardom event from this past January 14, 2009

to register for FREE (includes complete info for date/time/location)

to follow on Twitter

We have 98 people registered … room can hold up to 150. There will be food and drinks (even beer!) and this is all thanks to our most generous sponsor, Robin Ferrier, Communications Manager for JHUMCC. The 100th person to register will get a complimentary copy of Dave’s book, Social Media Marketing: One Hour a Day. A good time will be had by all … plenty of opportunity for networking, learning and idea exchange.

See you there!!!
Mayra 🙂


Our dear marketing friend and attendee from original #socStardom back in January, Beth Harte (@bethharte), is unable to make it to our March 9 event. Can’t blame her … last time she and her colleague Gloria Bell (@gloriabell) did the drive for #socStardom from Philly, PA! This go-round, scheduling doesn’t work for them so Gloria’s frolicking somewhere in Texas … and Beth’s gearing up for her upcoming gig: Online Media Boot Camp. This is an exclusive, 1-day event coming up fast on April 9. As a very nice gesture to all #socStardom2 attendees, Beth would like to extend you a $100 registration discount, should you wish to attend OMBC. #socStardom friend Shashi Bellamkonda (@shashib), our DC area’s very own Social Media Swami w/Network Solutions, will be presenting at OMBC along with a very impressive speaker lineup. Check it out @ www.onlinemediabootcamp.com. Use discount code: SOCSTARS09 upon registering. This will let them know that #socStardom peeps have sent you!

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