Social, media, strategy?

Hello, Mike here. I received a multi-address email last week from somebody in an IG shop. The text included, as I recollect, the words ‘media’ ‘social’ and ‘strategy’; that’s all that stuck to me and I’ve misplaced the email. I’d like a chance to respond but need more specific info on what’s wanted, like ‘who, what… where.. . etc., kind of audience would the aforesaid ‘media’ have in mind? If anyone can fill me i n even a bit I’ll try to add another ‘word’ or ‘phrase’ and see where the combination gets us in an IG or GovLoop ‘brainstorm. Ask a question. If I don’t have an answer, I’ll just say so online and hunt up a teaser: word, phrase, concept’ etc., for a restart, LIKE [true]: In the mid-50s my ‘logistics plans assignments got me into a ‘space logistics’ project that kept me writing for the sheer fun of it from the 9th into 10th decade.
Communicating is easier for me via GovLoop. Maybe Gov Loop can get a ‘thread ‘ going on this. What do you think? Mike Moldeven

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