Social Software Lessons from the Government and Military

One thing that people often find surprising when I’m talking to them about social learning and communities, is when they find out how government and military organizations are really leading the way when it comes to actually using Web 2.0 tools and making an impact within their organizations. Hands down, government organizaitons are the ones really putting enterprise 2.0 (despite the name!) to the test and finding inovative new ways to drive social learning and collaboration. Two great examples from the goverment are the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and the Air Force, who are delivering real value from their communities, and have many lessons learned to offer up to public and private sector organizations.

I recently did a Webinar through Goverment Computer News, with Tracy Conn of FRB and Michael Hower of USAF, who offer up a practical, how-to approach to building social learning within any organization – you can check out the webinar by visiting this site –

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