Solar Shipments Up, Cost Down in 2010

The EIA’s data for solar shipments is in, and the news is good.

The recently released report, available now, shows that PV shipments shot up in 2010, and their unit price continued to decrease. Good news for manufactures and purchasers, alike.

So, where are these PV modules being built, and where are they going? The EIA says that 82% are built in California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. These modules were sent to all 50 states and DC, but the vast majority (70%) went to California, New Jersey, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. Of these states, California and New Jersey received 39% and 15%, respectively.

We’ll have to wait to find out the 2011 data, but it is encouraging to see that, in a tough economic cycle, PV manufactures seemed to hold their own.

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