Data.gov launches business community, adds more open data

Just after midnight last night, here on the East Coast, a new part of Data.gov went live. http://www.data.gov/business

Politico’s @MorningTech reported this morning that around 200 new datasets were released to the public.

At present, I’m seeing 120 datasets, most of which relate to the agricultural industry, census data or import/exports:

US CIO +Steven VanRoekel told entrepreneurs at the StartupDC event last night that he hopes that when The White House launches Business USA later this year, you will have already built apps to help.”

I can’t help but be curious: is this the government data would entrepreneurs find most helpful?

If not, what data sets would be most useful to developers, in terms of making an app that someone would use or improve existing application?

If you’re a business owner, what government data would you want easy access to on a daily or weekly basis?

As always, comments welcome.

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Jeanne Holm

This service is aimed at small businesses and also to exporters of all sizes. Because we reach to a variety of businesses, we present some data a small business might not be interested in, but that a large exporter would be.

As the Evangelist for Data.gov, I’d be interested in hearing if you have suggestions or perhaps you have data or tools at your agency that you might want to present on Business.Data.gov.

Thanks for the post Alex!