My agency’s spam filters are pretty good. Now the only spam I get is high-concept; to wit:

A proud look in the old man’s eyes as he said angel, courage!
be comforted! Be patient! But other times, and restif such
repose could be thus you? Poirot took both her hands in
his. So, madame, how it would be yesterday. Henet’s hand
went to.

Sure, it links to heaven-knows-what, and it promises me a “Niight (sic) of Christmas Pleasure,” but it feels like art.

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Mark Danielson

Hi Kate,

He that doth the ravens feed Yea providently caters for the sparrow Be comfort to my age!

I thought wow, what kind of a hook is that? So I looked it up and it’s from “As You Like It!” Nice – Shakespeare spam. I saved the message.


Adriel Hampton

Fun! Got a spam yesterday from Robert Mueller and the FBI, complete with picture and seal, but otherwise classic Nigerian.