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Special Report of Social Networking from the Economist

Hello all,
Just wanted to share some information (FT Doug Cornelius). The January 30th edition of The Economist contains a special report on social networking. The report is available on-line for download at http://www.economist.com/members/survey_paybarrier.cfm?issue=20100130&surveyCode=NA
The following are links to the inidividual stories:
A world of connections Online social networks are changing the way people communicate, work and play, and mostly for the better, says Martin Giles

Why social networks have grown so fast

Twitter’s transmitters The magic of 140 characters

Profiting from social networks Social networks have a better chance of making money than their critics think

Small businesses and social networks Small businesses are using networks to become bigger

Yammering away at the office A distraction or a bonus?

Social contracts The smart way to hire workers

Privacy 2.0 Give a little, take a little

The future of social networking

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Thanks for posting all of the links, Brian – I was just reading a couple of these articles this morning…really interesting stuff. Social networks are here to stay!