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Applying Clustering to Streamline Data Analysis

The practical applications of clustering are vast. With the ability to identify groups in the data based on their shared characteristics, future customers, employees and stakeholders can be marketed and delivered products and services that are most likely to be pertinent to their specific needs.

Statistical Spot Checks for Your Agency’s Diversity Profile

Maintaining a diverse federal workforce and eliminating barriers to equal employment opportunity are not only required practices for federal agencies under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Management Directive 715, but are also crucial to encouraging a more effective and creative workforce with less internal strife. The private sector is now investing heavily in diversity programsRead… Read more »

26 Stats about Women in Government

When we started GovFem, we received a lot of positive feedback (thanks!). But we also got a few questions from GovLoopers about how much progress women have made in government, what resources they have, and what the future looks like for female govies. To give you a better idea of what the landscape looks like forRead… Read more »

23 Cybersecurity Facts and Figures

You’ve probably heard a lot about the mounting threat of cyberattacks and the need for government organizations to safeguard their information environment against them. Recent events like the USIS breach only amplify anxiety over cybersecurity. But is all this hype really merited? You may be questioning whether the threat of cybersecurity is overinflated or fleeting. Well, we’re hereRead… Read more »

Recolation in Australia: Mobility Changes and Trends

According to the research of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is a wide range of possible living agreements reflecting the various range of households. One of the top causes for Australians to move home in the past five years are purchasing a dwelling and marriage. Reports show up to 45 percent of parents inRead… Read more »

Have You Fallen Victim to the Planning Fallacy?

The latter half of 2013 was a tough time for public programs. The difficulties surrounding the launch of have been well documented. And in November, a fatal construction accident at the site of the future World Cup venue in São Paolo confirmed suspicions that Brazil would not make many of its FIFA-mandated December 31Read… Read more »