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State of Victoria (Australia) launches Gov 2.0 Action Plan

A new Government 2.0 Plan has been released for the Victorian Public Sector (VPS). Endorsed by Departmental Secretaries and the Chief Commissioner of Police, the Plan provides a whole of VPS approach to using Web 2.0 tools such as wikis, blogs and social media to engage with citizens, develop policy and deliver services.

The Plan has four action areas:

  • driving adoption in the VPS
  • engaging communities and citizens
  • opening up government
  • building capability

There are 14 initiatives in the Plan aimed encouraging direct citizen engagement, making government more transparent and improving government capability. These include

  • a whole of VPS approach to privacy, records management and how public servants can engage with social media on a professional basis
  • regular VPS Hack days
  • Have Your Say – a whole of government website to facilitate on-line discussion between citizens and government

For a primer explaining you wanted to know about what is Government 2.0, check out the VPS guide and follow the conversation about the Action Plan on twitter: #gov2vic

The Plan will continue to develop as we build on the energy and ideas already evident in the VPS. You can download a copy of the Plan from the eGovernment Resource Centre.

Want to know what we mean when we say ‘Government 2.0’? Check out this simple intro.

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