State politican wants to hike fine for fare evasion

Responding to reports of widespread fare evasion on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY), a state politician wants to raise the minimum fine from $100 to $500. Last week the New York Daily News reported that lax enforcement made fare beating a financially viable option for some New Yorkers. According to an internal MTA report, scofflaws can expect to get caught once every 6-13 weeks on average. The resulting $100 fine is cheaper than buying a $29 weekly MetroCard for the same period. “At a time when every dollar counts, the MTA and its riders can’t afford to pay for freeloading fare-beaters,” said state senator Charles Fuschillo. “Raising the fines for fare evasion will create a stronger deterrent by making the cost of an illegal free ride far more expensive.” Link to full story in New York Daily News.

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