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I am a layman in all things ‘suicide’, ‘suicide prevention’, ‘mental health,’ and variations thereof. Nevertheless, during and since the early ‘Viet Nam’ years my duties in the McClellan AFB IG (Congressionals, USAF Complaints Program, IG employee (privacy confidant), 1st level supv and comparable ‘additional duties, helped me to pick up ideas on how to get my job done. Precedents were few and far between. NIMH online helped me enormously.

When the ‘government’s ‘Suicide Prevention Resource Center’ came into being and published and e-distributed their SPARK newsletter I suddenly possessed the most valuable ‘pass the word’ tool of all. By its very nature, content was and remains invaluable. I didn’t ask anyone for their OK. IF YOUR HUMAN, YOU GOT PROBLEMS. I set up my own blogs here and there online and my standard was and remains ‘verbatim only.’ Somewhere in the SPARK content is a tiny block that says something like ‘send a copy to a friend, and that’s all I needed: they’re about 99.99 % of the world’s people, in my book. Being a Pantheist doesn’t help; Ma Nature will still add those years. I’m 93.5ish, and just had to give up my gall bladder. Borderline at the cliff, I found out later.

Under the nations prevailing circumstances I propose for your consideration: Check the trend on suicides, suicide ideation and attempts, Teenagers’ suiicides? Evaluate the SPRC SPARK newsletter as a regular weekly ‘blog’ for GovLoop. Consider using GovLoop influence to encourage your counterparts WORLD WIDE. Invite input from experts. It’s OUR WORLD! Do Something!

Meyer Moldeven

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