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Proposal: Suicide Prevention is Everybody’s Business

Suicide Prevention is Everybody’s Business By Mike Moldeven. This posting is FYI, but constructive comments will be appreciated: it’s my practice to occasionally excerpt content from ‘The Weekly Spark,’ published and e-distributed by the ‘Suicide Prevention Resource Center,’ associated with SAMHSA. Content of SPARK is such that it deserves wide dissemination to personnel, businesses, andRead… Read more »

The Weekly Spark – Week of June 3, 2011

The Weekly Spark – Week of June 3, 2011 The text of this FYI posting is passed along freely and verbatim as ‘public service’ and potentially essential public information drawn from the Weekly Spark of June 3, 2011*. The excerpted info for this post are titles, plus ‘lede’ sentences, abstracts and links of items previouslyRead… Read more »

Following are the titles and links (where available) of items posted online in The Weekly SPARK, May 13, 2011, published and e-distributed FYI by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center. The complete text of this abbreviated FYI posting is available at the SPRC website at ~~~~~ SPRC/AFSP add After a suicide: A toolkit for schoolsRead… Read more »

ABOUT 34,000 PEOPLE IN THE U. S. DIE BY SUICIDE EACH YEAR. That’s why Suicide Prevention Deserves To Be Everybody’s Business: The Weekly Spark newsletter contains announcements and information about suicide, suicide prevention and mental health issues [and]offers brief summaries of national, state and international news; analyses of relevant research findings; descriptions of funding opportunities,Read… Read more »

Suicide Prevention and “Doing Something”

MMoldeven San Diego San Diego Comment I was getting well into being an ‘older adult’ during ‘Viet Nam’ working as a civil servant in the IG shop on a major USAF installation in central California. The facility, among its many responsibilities, was to serve as another gateway for Armed Forces to and from Southeast Asia.Read… Read more »


I am a layman in all things ‘suicide’, ‘suicide prevention’, ‘mental health,’ and variations thereof. Nevertheless, during and since the early ‘Viet Nam’ years my duties in the McClellan AFB IG (Congressionals, USAF Complaints Program, IG employee (privacy confidant), 1st level supv and comparable ‘additional duties, helped me to pick up ideas on how toRead… Read more »

Supplement to my blog of Dec 16, 2010 re suicide prevention

Supplement to my blog of Dec 16, 2010 ‘Is Suicide Prevention’ Social Networking? This posting is 1. Consistent with the suggestion [box] in Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) SPARK e-newsletter headings to pass the information along ‘to a friend.’ 2. The membership of the GovLoop organization (the addressee) has more than 30,000 members and stillRead… Read more »

Is ‘Suicide Prevention’ Social Networking?

and/or, with 11 deaths for each attempt that results in a death, Is there a role for ‘social networking’ in ‘suicide prevention? and, even with a mere ‘maybe’, get started? ~~~~~ For some years now I’ve occasionally posted items and excerpts online about ‘suicide prevention’. Some were based on my volunteer ‘hotline’ work in aRead… Read more »