Sunshine 2.0 – What is your government doing? Survey, slides

I’ve cleared the decks this week. Today, I am digging deep into the draft Sunshine 2.0 guide for the national League of Women Voters.

I’ve been drawing on my early e-government days in Minnesota state government and my many speaking trips where I’ve collected some of the best examples of democracy online supported by government across dozens of countries.

Today I am looking for current examples of where local governments have stepped up their support for democracy online: transparency, participation, collaboration, etc.

Here is how you can help make a difference:

My general perspective with Sunshine 2.0 (more background) is that as citizens (all of us, despite who you may work for during the day), we need to express some “demand” for the support of democracy online or little will happen. We need to work with those in government who want to bolster the infrastructure needed to foster greater public participation through better and timely access to information and options for public participation and collaboration to address local public challenges.

Say, here are the slides:

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Rachel Correll

If you need another example, you could talk to Mike Blanchard at Augusta, GA as they recently went through a transparency review.