Tech-enabled Community Building Best Practices

Of late, I’ve been having lots of chats with social media practitioners and would-be practitioners, as well as working with locals on activating our neighbors through “Citizen 2.0” trainings. I’ve also worked hard to connect with the Government 2.0 reform community through sites like LinkedIn, GovLoop and Twitter.

These conversations have led to me a simple vision for a social media-enabled local government outreach strategy. I’d love to know your thoughts, as we move from tools to best practices.

Smaller towns and cities are often characterized by a spirit of individuality, loose affiliations and wide variety of perspectives. In order to create a forum for community conversation and to improve media and stakeholder relationships, officials should consider using Web/Gov 2.0 tools to build trust, pride in work, inter-agency and public-private cooperation, and knowledge sharing. Read More (with hyperlinks) at adrielhampton.com

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