FOSE 2009 debuts “Digital & New Media for Government” Workshop

Exciting gov 2.0 event announced by FOSE 2009!

FOSE 2009 debuts Digital & New Media for Government Workshop
March 10, 2009
Meeting Room 144-C
Co-located with FOSE, Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Call 1-866-289-5593 to register OR to add to your FOSE registration.
Rates are $495 for government, military, and government contractors; $595 for all others.
Digital & New Media for Government Workshop

As digital media evolves in 2009, social and new media are poised to make a tremendous impact. New options and opportunities continue to emerge at a blistering pace. Government professionals need to keep abreast of the latest technologies, development options, key risks, and operational benefits of these dynamic technologies.
1-day event by Future Media Concepts

This one-day event is produced by the nation’s leading digital media training organization Future Media Concepts. The conference focuses on both essential techniques, core technology, and real-world best practices.
What you’ll learn…

Attendees will learn…

* high definition video production techniques, podcasting, web applications, and web delivery with specific emphasis on usability and government websites
* how public sector professionals plan to incorporate emerging technologies into their citizen service and outreach activities, and what are the essential techniques for delivering effective new media, from production planning to business considerations.
* how government organizations can design, produce, edit, and deliver digital and new media
* how social media can allow you to connect with an even bigger group … if your organization is in the process of introducing new media to your website and other service delivery strategies, this comprehensive tutorial will provide the foundational information needed to select your roadmap forward.


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