Thanks For Amazing First #localgovchat! Transcript Posted.

All I can say is wow. Despite about 45 nervous seconds of initial silence as Seesmic reloaded, the first inaugural #localgovchat went extremely well with more than 60 contributors and 295 tweets in an hour. We had localgovvies from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia City of London (Canada), Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, Australia, California, Toronto and more. We were also joined by co-founder Benjamin Berkowitz, which was good timing as we discussed breaking news on #open311 and #opendata. Thank you all and I hope it was worthwhile for you. It definitely was for me.

A few people were helping to try to find a “pretty” way to save the sessions in a sort of Tweetbook, but nothing really nice and easy seems to exist. So you can check out the transcript at or a PDF Transcript (with links still intact). (Note: Live conservation starts at 2:01 am on Page 3)

We also received some good feedback about the chat format. While an hour is a good length given all of our busy schedules, some people thought 6 questions might be too many and others thought it was just right. Let us know what you think and we’ll continue to tinker. Some also said themes might be a good idea. While I think that would be great, we want to get as many people involved in the discussion as possible, so I think we’ll keep the topic open and random for now. But let us know what you think on that as well. Once we get going we’ll also be inviting some special guests for Q&A sessions. Have someone you’d like to blast with questions? Let us know.

Thanks again everyone for a great first night and hope to have you back next Wednesday, 9 ET at #localgovchat.

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