Thanksgiving is the best holiday in the USA!

Greetings to All thisThanksgiving Eve,

I just finished up a week of diversity training and I thought about the beauty of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is truly a USA holiday that represents all who live in the USA. For me it also represents the appreciation for life and country. Everyone no matter what gender, race, color, ethnic background, religion, political affilliation, sexual orientation, disability and marital status you can observe it. Differences can be put on hold for one day for the one simularity we all share. We live in the USA. The USA may have its’ issues but most people don’t want to leave.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Heather Richtfort

When I studied, then worked overseas (primarily former USSR), Thanksgiving was a holiday I loved to introduce to my “local” friends – such an easy concept to convey, without any attached religious dogma, and none decorating / shopping fuss of Christmas. It was wonderful to see how easily this most American of holidays was embraced by my friends.

subroto mukerji

I have to concur with Dianne. Thanksgiving is indeed a tradition and a holiday that is not hampered by divisions. The other more wonderful thing is that in most parts of the country the seasons change so it is quite colorful.

I am thankful that I have a job.Of course, it will be gone by February, but I still remain thankful.