The CODI Principle

In times of government restraint it is rare that we get 20% of our time to “think out of the box”, as suggested in the “80/20 rule”, so let’s just face facts, but consider an alternative, so we don’t stifle innovation!
Instead why not, in the spirit of government lingo, develop another more viable idea: the CODI (Corner of the Desk Initiative)?
Some of the greatest ideas are generated in this fashion, particularly by those employees whose brains are always buzzing with alternative processes – or those who have that occasional “eureka moment” to improve anything from the culture to process in the workplace.
Instead of “getting back in our boxes and thinking inside the box”, let’s celebrate lateral thinking and encourage this process.
In some Canadian Federal Government departments, employees are actually encouraged to do this. For example, employees only have to make a proposal for a good CODI, get peer approval and run with it, as long as it does no negatively impact their regular job.
What better way to encourage innovation, engagement and provide impetus for great new ideas! If Google and Apple can do it, by formally giving employees time off to innovate, then it has to be worthwhile for the organization that has the most effect on our citizens to do the same!
Let me know what youthink!
David Salusbury
Senior Learning Advisor / Conseiller principal en apprentissage
Learning Division / Division d’apprentissage
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada / Agriculture et agroalimentaire Canada
Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
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Stefany M. Mercer

You make an excellent point, David! “Business as usual,” or thinking “inside the box,” has led to the current inadequacies of our Status Quo. It, then, seems only reasonable that we will need to find feasible fringe to “fix” the painfully obvious problems and/or maximize the efficiency of the current processes. While I LOVE the Eureka! moments that lead to major improvements, I think it is probably more practical to seek out small changes that will snowball into the larger change that is needed.

Great thoughts, though – I’m sorry the holidaze have swept away the discussion that should be taking place here! :-/