The Federal Coach: Why Do So Many ‘Slugs’ Keep Their Jobs?

This week’s question comes from a former federal employee who wants to know why so many non-performing federal employees are allowed to keep their jobs. Please continue sharing your questions, ideas and suggestions by commenting below or sending an email to [email protected].

While I was surprised to hear about President Obama’s recent comment that some federal workers are slugs and not trying to do their jobs, as a former federal employee I tend to agree with him. Why are so many non-performing employees allowed to stay in their jobs?Former federal employee, GS-12

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Tarryn Reddy

In Tom’s article he points out,

Supervisors fire between 8,000 and 10,000 federal employees every year because of poor performance or misconduct, according to government data. This is less than four percent of the total workforce, and that proactive management can help many improve their performance.

I can’t help but wonder if its poor management that allows workers to perform poorly or even lack of management. But on that note shout out to the federal workers that are dedicated workers and work tirelessly on issues that impact citizens everyday!

Andrew Krzmarzick

@Tarryn – Poor management/supervision is often cited as the reason for poor performers, especially in government.