The Kübler-Ross Model of Internet Access Blocking

As a knowledge worker in the public service there is nothing more frustrating than being denied access to the knowledge you need to do your job. When it happens repeatedly over the course of a few hours it moves from slightly aggravating to completely demotivating.

Here is a quick comic I threw together using bitstrips about the 5 stages of internet access blocking at the workplace.

In a somewhat serendipitous manner, my friend Mark just created an awesome site called

The site itself specializes in URL/domain mini-Risk Assessments; read more about Mark’s awesome efforts right here.

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Nichole Henley

HAHA!! Canadians strike again!! LOVE the strip and I’ve felt the pain!

I tell you, another thing I learned from this summit is that I really need to work on my IT skillz. Bitstrips? NEVER HEARD OF IT! Prezi– that’s another first for me. Like I said, I have some homework to do 🙂

Attia Nasar

Awesome comic strip! Does anyone know if a site like that exists in the US? What are some other examples of what to do in situations like that?

Nicholas Charney

@Sterling – it was a great initiative by Mark, it makes so much sense. Feel free to spread it around =)

Caryn Wesner-Early

Perfect timing – we’re going around and around with this today. Why would they block *anything* from a .gov domain???