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The Last Chapter

The last chapter of the book on our life has not been written yet.

We may feel that it won’t be turning out as we had hoped or expected.

While we were working – the world changed!

  • The Internet has evolved and many roles which were staffed before are on-line now;

  • Processes which had required labor now use technology and fewer people with lesser skill and experience levels;

  • Vast amounts of data, research, information, and content are available by simple searching through the browser;

  • Entire professions have been radically changed by an ‘in-the-box’ approach – e.g., basic accounting, legal documents, family physician.

What do we do now, having seen the significant changes that have evolved?

One action not to take is ‘wait it out’ in hopes of a return to 1985 – won’t happen! Holding on to this point of view is like retiring in place and not telling anyone.

Things have changed – now it’s your turn:

  • Learn new skills and techniques with application in the new economy – become a doer to get greater depth in what you are learning. Building a website teaches more about planning, design, layout, functionality, and connectivity than it does about writing code;

  • Explore the new normal – going beyond the local newspaper or evening news. Read blogs and articles by a variety of writers with differing viewpoints – go to events and listen to the comments by the audience for a richer experience…develop your own assessment of ‘what is’ and ‘what’s possible;’

  • Be open to a new approach – whether as a provider or a recipient – does the change provide benefit…value…efficiency…access? An example – you don’t have two-hours for dinner at your favorite restaurant, so you order solo catering on-line and drop by to pick up your dinner (and all the trimmings) – hot and ready to eat at home…as a restauranteur or a diner, you win using a new approach;

  • Find out what is needed and figure out how to provide it – do this as an employee and you may be on the way to redefining your job in a World 2.0 model; as a provider, offering what is needed is an evergreen business goal and a possible new line of service for you.

Even more so with the rapid pace of change today – we do not live in a stagnant environment. Change is dynamic. It is not practical to be in a dynamic setting, trying to remain static (unchanged) – imagine how much energy you would expend in a rowboat at the mouth of Niagara Falls, trying to maintain your position. We must continue to evolve in a dynamic setting – or go over the Falls.

The good news is – our last chapter has yet to be written and, by being engaged, we can greatly influence the story.

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