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Learning From Students

The Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland held ‘mock interviews’ and I had the honor of being an interviewer. The students came eager to learn from this role-playing exercise. The ‘interviewers’ are seasoned individuals – most are Smith School Alumni – and well experienced in hiring superior candidates. My ‘interviews’ found theRead… Read more »

Jobs of the Future

When speaking with a current job-seeker, she said “while I was working, the working world changed!” This seasoned individual is finding her specific experience is not of interest to employers in today’s job market. With a dozen years in responsible internal analyst roles, what arcane experience and skills are being ignored by potential employers? SheRead… Read more »

Open Source – It’s Not Just Software, Baby!

Initially, open source was an approach to developing software among coders, which was like Spanky, Darla, and the Our Gang kids “puttin’ on a show.” Everyone contributed what they had (sharing resources) and did what they knew (collaborate) – and the show was always a success. The open source approach is a philosophy, a culture,Read… Read more »

Must A Leader be Brave?

We have an image of leaders – whether it is John Wayne leading a charge in combat, or JFK declaring to the world the USA will put a man on the moon by the end of that decade, or Steve Jobs radically changing established market segments like music, telecom, and computers with new technology. Traditionally,Read… Read more »

New Normal – Asynchronous Collaboration

When we were all physically located in the same building collaboration was a collection of meetings to reach the stated goal. First to flesh out the details of the project – go from concept to specific, consensus from contributors, logistics & interim deadlines from participants, and collective review of it all. Meet and work togetherRead… Read more »