The Modern Era For Government Technology

Think back to the ‘olden days’, when we had no iPhones, Internet, or even simple programs like word processing and electronic filing systems. Sounds like the Stone Age by now, doesn’t it?

Digital government opens up a world of possibilities for government efficiency and innovation. President Obama issued a memo in May 2012 calling upon government agencies to improve their digital services. Digital government isn’t a fad, it’s an bonafide agenda item.

But how, exactly, are digital services helping the government? There are many systems, programs, applications, and topics that allow for a more integrated approach to digital government, but it can be difficult to wrap your mind around it all, especially if you come from a non-technical background, as is the case for many government employees. To take full advantage of everything that the complex world of IT development has to offer, the government needs access to the best minds on how to implement digital government technology.

There are several big trends coming for digital government in the coming years that will shape the future of the country. Topics such as citizen-centric design, mobility, open source, information as a service, and innovative marketing have received special attention in the technological world, due to their potential to allow for a more cutting edge technology platform for government.

Agile software development is another key, upcoming topic for digital government that is perhaps even more complicated than those mentioned above. Agile development means that the software in development is being constantly reevaluated and improved based upon feedback. It’s a very fast-moving approach to software development. Companies like Pega and others use agile techniques to improve software services for government.

It’s not always doable to stay internal to the government to seek out the best IT systems. Instead, the government uses external companies to develop software and systems to make digital government better for all consumers.

Digital government is a complex and confusing topic. To break these big ideas down and learn more about the possibilities in store for government fully implementing IT software, take a look at the upcoming event in Washington, D.C. on “Digital Government Forum: Architecting for Evolution” on Wednesday, April 8th.

The Federal Communications Commission and Department of Agriculture are just a few of the government agencies on the agenda. Attendees will hear how the government deals with facing the challenge of modernization, and how to balance competing IT priorities.

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