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How To Be Excellent!

Excelling is often defined as going above and beyond what’s expected. So in its very nature, achieving excellence is not something that should come easily. In government contracting, excelling is not something that’s common sense. It’s a complex task, and it takes teamwork and collaboration for government workers to understand the best ways of goingRead… Read more »

Keeping It Simple with One USDA

Have you ever worked at a large company or organization prior to government? If so, you’ve probably experienced the complexity of vast human resources departments. At many companies or private organizations, they’ve got it down to a science – recruiting, application, interview processes, and onboarding – it all happens seamlessly. The government is the largestRead… Read more »

Schlepping Through Cybersecurity Hiring

For cybersecurity workforce hiring in state governments, it’s hurdle upon hurdle. The challenges keep emerging, and states have to constantly keep up with the difficult terrain. The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) recently released a study on the challenges facing state government IT workforces. The report highlights findings from survey data collectedRead… Read more »

It’s Not A Popularity Contest… Or Is It?

The government is faced with a conundrum. It’s unpopular and unattractive for emerging cybersecurity professionals. Unfortunately, the government has been the subject of many recent hacks. On top of this, federal agencies have a great deal of information and services that hackers want to gain access to. So, the government needs more and better cybersecurityRead… Read more »

Spending Data: Boring Or A Bureaucracy No-Brainer?

Why government transparency? We talk a lot about transparency, but what do citizens really want to know about all of the extraneous government information they’ve got floating around? The most obvious answer is that people want to know that the hard-earned money they fork over each year on taxes is put to good use. LikeRead… Read more »

The Government’s A Joker

According the Government Accountability Office (GAO)’s recently released “Annual Report 2015: Additional Opportunities to Reduce Fragmentation, Overlap, and Duplication, and Achieve Other Financial Benefits”, the government’s a joker. It’s trying to juggle a million different programs, but it can’t quite keep them all under control. Nicky Clowers, Director of Financial Markets and Community Investment IssuesRead… Read more »

IoE: Big Data Is The Air We Breathe

Technology is, literally, the air we live and breathe. Data is now collected in every interaction, from traffic monitoring, to your water bill, to your sleep patterns, to your preferences at the grocery store. But what does this mean for government efficiency? All of this newly collectible big data provides the opportunity for government toRead… Read more »

The Elephant In The Room: Discrimination At Work

It’s not fun to talk about. It makes people uncomfortable. It also makes people sad. It prevents efficiency and morale. It’s a barrier to organizational transparency and accountability. What is it?! Discrimination in the workplace. Recent events in Indiana and Arkansas have put the spotlight on discrimination, forcing the government and the general public toRead… Read more »

GovLoop Academy

GovLoop Academy: Learn It All Online!

The world of online trainings is shifting quickly for government employees. The days of in-person events, conferences, and travel are disappearing. The Office of Personnel Management has been curtailing budgets for trainings, meaning that trainings will need to be moved online – saving the government money and time. Virtual training has the potential to rockRead… Read more »