The Nearness of New

A tingling tips the crown of my head. A tightening through the neck and shoulders. I can hear my heart beat. The idea enters most through the eyes and ears. No touch or smell, but I make up for that by fingers tap-tapping and filling my keyboard with crumbs from food stuffed between sentences and scrolls. Your ideas grab me and I go from connection to connection. To more and more interests to understand.

To more understand. Service to next generations is moving interests common from mind to mind. Mine to yours and yours to mine. All the words in the world equal not one action. The miracle of motion is up to you. To decide. To act. For the good. For the future. For you. And me. Now.

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Adriel Hampton

I always wondered what that tingly, tightening feeling was! Thanks, Mark. (Actually, I describe it as my head being on fire.)

Pam Broviak

Wow Mark – your post is so awesome. It is like a poem! It is so good, I nominate it as the official GovLoop mantra, poem, or whatever word best describes it.

Mark Danielson

O Pam, thank you for your incredibly gracious comments. I’ve always wondered if anyone read my posts. Happy Sunday!

PS Your posts rock!