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Twitter and Open Government Conference: Stats and Observations

I was very encouraged to see the organizers of the recent OGI conference (http://opengovinnovations.com) embrace the use of Twitter from the on-set of the event planning. They established the #ogi tag early, made good use of the platform for early buzz, and enlisted the use of strong talent like @mixtmedia and @lostonroute66 for support. So, how did it all turn out?

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Not sure why it was listed as @ogiconference at first because the twitter account had been using #ogi at least a few months before the event.

Ludo Van Vooren

I think in the future conference organizers will “get” this concept of hashtags, Twitter Search, RT, etc… and will publicize the information early. Selecting a tag is one thing, next it needs to be registered on the main sites (so we don’t get 20 ‘what is #ogi?’ questions), and finally it needs to be prominent on all conference brochures, websites, and conference screens.


Ludo Van Vooren – agreed! I think hashtags should be publicized early in brochures, websites, and especially on conference screens. Maybe send out an email week of the event with it as well.