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Why does the press seem to love a Social Media bad news story?

The release on August 5th on a Marine Corps memo “banning” Social Media was misinterpreted by AP and started a firestorm of coverage in the press. At present, a Yahoo news search reveals over 1300 articles mentioning “Marines Ban Social Media”. However, when the Marines issued a clarification the next day stating specifically that theRead… Read more »

Twitter and Open Government Conference: Stats and Observations

I was very encouraged to see the organizers of the recent OGI conference ( embrace the use of Twitter from the on-set of the event planning. They established the #ogi tag early, made good use of the platform for early buzz, and enlisted the use of strong talent like @mixtmedia and @lostonroute66 for support. So,Read… Read more »

New business imperative: Share relentlessly or Perish

There is an organization that, in the last 6 months, has embraced leading edge technology, open information exchange, collaboration amongst departments and with external partners, focus on customer service, speed of deployment, as well as experimentation with game-changing ideas. Is this organization some kind of Silicon Valley start-up driven by a few highly caffeinated Gen-YRead… Read more »