USAID Gov20 Challenge – 6 lessons learned – Liveblogging the conference

Carol Grigsby, Deputy Director, USAID
Development 2.0 Challenge

Six Lessons Learned
1. A challenge process will be less than comfortable for many US agencies the first time, will encounter some internal resistance

2. Choosing a challenge implementer —
stipulate all expectations regarding working relationship, deliverables, etc.,
and choose and organization with an established community of users relevant to your questions — if possible.

3. Challenge Design
Framing the question – choosing right one – most difficult and critical part. Keep the ultimate objective in mind — what will we do with the winning ideas / teams?
Eligible criteria: strive for inclusiveness but don’t set bar too low
Pay close attention to the submission form
Publish your evaluation criteria early, make them understandable to non-technical experts

4. Strive to create a process that does not end with the announcement of the awards — a process that keeps going

5. Marketing & Communications
An online challenge provides opportunity for viral marketing
Adopt a marketing strategy that reaches the most diverse group of potential solvers possible
Don’t forget to tap personal and agency networks as well

6. Implementation Challenge
Directly funding winning ideas for implementation will be difficult for many agencies given procurement realities.

Some notes–
USAid considering building own challenge platform
Longer entry window
Hope to offer slightly larger prizes
Partnerships with service providers, potential investors, private sector partner

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