Voting is a Sacred Trust, Coveted By Billions Who Cannot

Politics are terrible… Voting doesn’t matter… It’s only the primary… I’m too busy…

These are commonly heard sentiments of people who don’t vote. Unfortunately, those who choose not to vote are putting their rights, business, property, community and even freedom at risk!

Politics can be terrible. But to quote Winston Churchill, who led England to victory over the Nazis in WWII:

“Democracy is the worst form of government; except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

Voting does matter; especially in Local / Primary Elections! Most people don’t realize local elections have the greatest direct impact on taxes, housing, schools, transportation and overall quality of life in their communities. In many states, partisan primaries decide who will lead our communities. Poor voter turnout in primary elections, often results in incumbents getting a free ride, perpetuating “government as usual” for up to four years at a time!

Are you really “Too Busy” to invest 1 or 2 hours in the future of your family and community? In today’s wired world, it doesn’t take long to research candidates or issues. Talking with your friends and neighbors, in person or via Social Media sites like Facebook, Google + or Twitter is a great way to learn and share information. It only takes 30 minutes or less to actually cast your vote before work, at lunch or in the evening. For those who can’t make it to the polls, an absentee ballot can be obtained from your local Municipal Clerk’s office.

Last, but not least, please remember all of the men and women who gave their lives, so that you have the freedom to vote. Remember, “Voting is a Sacred Trust, Coveted By Billions Who Cannot!

You can confirm you are registered to vote and find your local polling place by visiting your local Municipal Clerk’s office or through your state’s election division.

Please Share this document with your friends, family, clients, coworkers and Social Media contacts!! It may not be as “fun” as sharing a kitten picture, but it will make a difference! Long live our Free and Democratic Republic!

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