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Appropriate use of LinkedIn in politics? Should there be a social media electioneering blackout prior to elections?

Yesterday I received the following message from a Linkedin contact: Dear LinkedIn Friend I hope you may be able to help me… Over the coming weeks the Joondalup community will decide who will lead their City for the next four years when Local Government elections are held via postal vote. All electors residing within theRead… Read more »

Voting is a Sacred Trust, Coveted By Billions Who Cannot

Politics are terrible… Voting doesn’t matter… It’s only the primary… I’m too busy… These are commonly heard sentiments of people who don’t vote. Unfortunately, those who choose not to vote are putting their rights, business, property, community and even freedom at risk! Politics can be terrible. But to quote Winston Churchill, who led England toRead… Read more »

GovFresh 2011 Awards Nominations and Voting Now Open

As some of you may be aware the #SMEM community made a huge push to get #SMEM into this years top categories for consideration on GovFresh’s Awards for social media engagement. Well, I have some good news. Not only did our efforts get #SMEM as a category this year pay off, #SMEM will have twoRead… Read more »

Republicans Want to Steal Your Vote

Lyndon Johnson said voting is: “. . . the basic right without which all others are meaningless.” He signed the Voting Rights Act as president in 1965. Today, the Republican Party and other Koch brothers stooges want to strip you of your right to vote. Read More

Social Media & Elections: Using New Media to Manage an Election & Communicate with Voters

On Friday, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission held a roundtable discussion throughout the day on “Voting Goes Viral. Using New Media to Manage an Election and Communicate with Voters“. The archived video of the webcast is available here. An Introduction Their premise going into the day? There are a multitude of social media sources forRead… Read more »

Vote to help fund new online social infrastructure for neighborhoods!

Dear Govies, Imagine if your neighborhood and every neighborhood in America had a network like this that connected the people who live work and serve (Like Program Coordinators and Police Officers) in the neighborhood and made it possible to communicate and collaborate to improve quality of life and solve problems. What if you could makeRead… Read more »