Want to get your info to adults? Get on Facebook.

I find myself repeating an amazing statistic a lot recently: the fastest-growing group on Facebook is people 35-54 years old.

Guess how much that group grew in the past 6 months? (no peeking)

  1. 76%
  2. 176%
  3. 276%

And the answer is … 276% according to Peter Corbett at iStrategyLabs, who’s been tracking Facebook stats. Think about that, and remember it’s % growth. 276% means it multiplied by a factor of 3.76.

Another incredible stat: that group DOUBLED in size every two months during that period, moving from 7% of total membership to 17%.

Folks over 55? 194% growth. That’s a 3-fold increase.

Now I have to go dig up the YouTube stats, which I recall showed pretty flat distribution across all age groups.

The next time someone claims “this Web 2.0 stuff is for kids,” whack ’em with stats.

Here are 49 more amazing Internet stats.

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That’s crazy stats but makes sense based on my experience. I agree – everyone thinks the same with GovLoop but it’s not true. It’s not a bunch of 22 year-olds on the site. It’s a range of people at all levels at all ages.

Lakshmi Grama

Thanks for sharing. As one of the new converts ( I joined to keep a lookout on my daughter)I can certainly believe it. My network has grown on Facebook, even finding classmates from high school in India scattered around the globe! Although my daughter has “friended” ne, we don’t hang out on Facebook together anymore. I have more interesting friends 🙂 in the 35-54 age group!

Denise Hill

I definitely spend more time on facebook than on GovLoop. It’s great for staying connected with friends and family within the comfort of your home.