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Open Government Links of the Week – September 23, 2011

Transparency Advocates React to U.S. Open Government Action Plan (by techPresident) “President Barack Obama on Tuesday led the public unveiling of national open government action plans from the eight countries participating in the Open Government Partnership, a multilateral coalition on openness and transparency.” Find out what some advocates have said about it. September 2011 MunicipalRead… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Week – June 24, 2011

This is a collection of links that I’ve come across recently related to technology, transparency, and government. Not all of them came out this past week, but they haven’t been included in former Friday posts like this. Know of any that should be included? Add them to the comments below! “Illinois, New York City moveRead… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Week – May 20, 2011

This week’s version isn’t the shortest ever, that’s for sure. Feel free to add more links in the comments section! “New York Releases ‘Road Map for the Digital City’” (HT Alex Howard’s Tweet on Twitter) Also see: “With a new road map, New York City aims to be the nation’s premier digital city” Report: “UsingRead… Read more »

A Few Social Media Stats About EPA’s Efforts

Today, the following request came from a colleague at another federal agency via the Web Content Managers Forum, the gov’t-only group of 2500+ folks: I need ammunition/stats from other federal agencies regarding the value of social media, specifically in terms of an agency’s obligation to be transparent and to reach and serve ppl where theyRead… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Week – May 6, 2011

“NJ court: High costs is denial of access; awards atty’s fees” (The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press) (HT Virginia Coalition for Open Government email) “[Quincy] Massachusetts Turns on Camera for Court Proceedings” ( “The initiative, called “OpenCourt,” incorporates digital technology such as video streams and live broadcasts and makes the media available onRead… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Week – April 22, 2011

It’s that time of the week where we let you know about some of the stories going on in the open government and technology space! Have any that should have been included? Share them in the comments! “White House unveils tax calculator designed to give taxpayers a receipt” (Nextgov) Here’s the White House’s blog postRead… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Past Week – April 15, 2011

CA cities having hard time dealing w/ FOIA requests. “Now, IT officials working in California cities are saying that they are overwhelmed by the complexity of the public archived information being sought.” “Although responding to record requests has traditionally been a function of a city clerk’s office, in recent years IT departments have become heavilyRead… Read more »

How Can Social Media Help Governments Serve the Booming Hispanic Population?

The Hispanic Population in America is on the rise. The overall growth in the U.S. States of Hispanics (or Latinos) was 15,171,776 from the 2000 to 2010 Census (U.S. Census Bureau, only U.S. States). But the growth isn’t just happening where you might think it is. Take a look at this map. It shows theRead… Read more »