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FYI-Suicide prevention

FYI: Included here are several prefatory paragraphs of an item posted online in NIMH science-news Nov 10, 2011 at: Title: Widely Used Screening Tool Shown to Successfully Predict Suicide AttemptsSource: NIMHA widely used suicide screening tool can help determine who is most at risk for suicide by pinpointing the threshold at which a person’sRead… Read more »

The Weekly Spark – Week of JUNE 17, 2011

The Weekly Spark – Week of JUNE 17, 2011 Following verbatim are the titles, ‘lede’ opening sentences and links (where available) of items posted online in The Weekly SPARK, June 17, 2011, published and e-distributed FYI by the ONLINE Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) THE ONLINE COMPLETE June 17, 2011 *The Weekly Spark* IS FREELYRead… Read more »