What is Govloop to YOU?

With so many different types of social networks now present in today’s society and Google adding yet another one to the mix, I have often wondered if it is truly fair to reference Govloop as the, “Facebook for Government.” Sure, at the time, the reference was the most clear picture that could be provided to get even the most non-tech oriented people tuned in to just what this Govloop thingy was.

Though, I present for consideration that things have changed over the years and consideration of just what Facebook, Google+, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc are is modeled not just on their name and branding, but rather what the communities do for their members. The same thing directly applies to Govloop and the massive community of government employees and contractors it has become today.

Take this into consideration:
1.) Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
2.) LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.
3.) MySpace is social entertainment.

Is Govloop still the “Facebook for Government” or even, “The Social Network for Government,” or is it now, “The Network for Government Innovation and Collaboration?

So, I ask fellow Govloop Rockstars, what is Govloop to YOU?

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Stephanie Slade

This is a great point. I never refer to us as Facebook for govies. I think that description misses the point. Whereas Facebook facilitates interactions between people who know each other in real life, GovLoop is a place for people who may never cross paths to nonetheless be able to learn from each other’s experiences. So much bigger than just a social network.

Chris Poirier

I LOVE your example, you are absolutely right! (It happens to be why I like Google+/Twitter as well, open to all to view and decide for themselves on content provided by a larger group.)

Alicia Mazzara

Referring to is as Facebook seems to make GL sound like it’s primarily a social tool, but in actuality I feel like it’s closer to LinkedIn but with a lot more of a collaborative aspect. I don’t have a great answer, but I agree that it’s not quite any of these other things.

Chris Poirier

I completely agree. So, what is it? Is it a combination? Something new? or Something Awesome (..obviously it’s awesome.) But let’s get some input going!

As I said, I really think the tag is: “The Network for Government Innovation and Collaboration”

What’s everyone else’s “tag line” for Govloop? or how about this, what do you tell people when they ask you , “what’s this Govloop you speak of?”

Chris IRS Recruiter

When I’m describing GovLoop to people, I say it’s a social networking site for current and former government employees, as well as people who are interested in all things government. However, I LOVE Stephanie’s answer – I going to use that from now on.