What is Your Strategy for Fiscal-Year End Buying Season?

I’m sure a lot of you are in high sales mode as we wrap up another federal fiscal year buying season. You are implementing your sales and call plans and the pressure is on to produce.

David Sonde, managing partner at Winvale, recently provided end-of-the-fiscal-year sales advice to GovPro that you might find valuable. Along with having the right contracting vehicles in place, he suggested that companies should do the following:

  • Provide customers with pre-sales support
  • Extend sales hours
  • Provide an expedient quoting service
  • Give the customer a phone number and email address that is manned 24/7
  • Create separate web pages or microsites that are tailored toward year-end purchases

He also recommended that companies should develop White Papers that could influence upcoming RFPs and RFQs. That’s thinking ahead and it shows the importance of a proactive capture communications program. Thought leadership pieces such as bylined articles can also complement those white papers and should be an integral part to any capture campaign.

Be sure to check out the full FedBizBeat post here.

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Jo Youngblood

And if they could follow up with people they’ve issued quotes to a month before fiscal year end happens that would be fantastic! We have lots of folks here that get half way through the process and then of course need to actually go do the rest of their research work and don’t finish their procurement until the last minute and sometimes it gets processed in time and other times not so much. A vendor that assists them on keeping with the timeline would be an invaluable asset.