What is Your Video SEO Strategy?

Even with my recent blog posts about the social media landscape, said landscape continues to morph at warp speed and we are seeing more and more videos everywhere; on business sites, news pages, personal websites, video hosting sites, mobile devices, social networks, blogs, cell phones, email and postings to video portals, and posting for clients.As of last year, the great news is Government agencies even has its very own video channel on YouTube. But, who is finding your videos? Want to reach more people with your message and video?

I had to post a video recently and immediately realized there needed to be a strategy for this MarCom element as well. So, I went on a little “virtual research trip.”

As a result, today’s blog post highlights some Video SEO Tips so you can strategically boost your search engine ranking so people will find you and watch your videos. Ultimately you want greater Internet depth and higher search ranking results so that you reach your target audiences with your message and important information.

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Rena Patel

Hi Alice – interesing post – you don’t tend to think of applying SEO strategy to video and as you say it’s an area that is increasingly being used. Have you also see that bit.ly have released (think it’s a BETA version) of a website called: bitly.tv – showing popular videos on YouTube along with live Twitter streams?

Alice M. Fisher

Yes, I have. It is these sorts of SEO/SEM and linking strategies with which one who is informed can raise their websites and pages higher in ranking results, if they know to do so. Meaning, that people will find your information.

Alice M. Fisher

With the new Mobilution and movement towards decoupling from the desk top to mobile devices
it seems to make sound strategic sense to format future videos for viewership on such and VSEO